It’s time to stop talking about climate change and start acting. Buckinghamshire Community Energy provides support for communities ready to take concrete action to reduce carbon emissions

Mission Net Zero

Enabling Net Zero

Helping the county of Buckinghamshire to become carbon neutral by partnering with businesses and community organisations to establish renewable energy generation and other low carbon technologies wherever possible.

Facilitating Net Zero

Facilitating progress towards carbon neutrality by installing and funding infrastructure such as energy efficient buildings and renewable energy sources. Showing local people how to reduce their energy usage and carbon emissions in their daily life and work.

Removing barriers to Net Zero

Helping organisations to save money on energy bills while generating a financial surplus for re-investment in carbon emission reduction and energy efficiency projects in our community, and developing skills and expertise relating to renewable energy, low carbon technologies and energy efficiency in our young people.

Worried about the climate emergency but feeling powerless to help?

Reduce your use

The first step in reducing your carbon emissions and cutting your fuel bills is to assess how energy efficient your home, building or business is. And could you work differently to use less energy?

For more on this, please contact us on info@buckscommunityenergy.org

Get off grid

If you are a building owner, talk to Buckinghamshire Community Energy about your options for low carbon technologies to replace your reliance on fossil fuels for energy. Have the certainty of knowing how your energy is generated and what its impact on climate change is.

Find out more about how it works here.

Find funding

Partner with Buckinghamshire Community Energy to engage with your local community to fund your renewable energy project. Once we are registered as a community benefit society, we will raise money  from community investors and grants to support local councils, schools and businesses to become carbon neutral.

People Power

Please tell your friends and family about the work we are doing and about the steps we can all take to avoid global warming reaching its tipping point in 2030.

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